Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool

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Extensive Need for Corporate Cyber Intelligence Tool

It turns into the greatest test for associations to oversee security weaknesses and insider dangers. Any sort of obliviousness identified with cyberattacks can possibly harm your association's notoriety in different perspectives. To alleviate the assaults and dangers, there is a prerequisite of Cyber Threat Intelligence application that capable in danger management.

BsoftIndia Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool is a basic security application that assists with shielding clients from potential cyberattacks. It proactively examines, distinguishes and gives exhaustive investigating dangers that have, will, or are as of now assaulting the association organization. This will assist you with conveying legitimate procedures against the dangers who need to exploit delicate significant information

  1. Proficiently handle security vulnerabilities
  2. Real-time exercises alert on email & SMS
  3. Centralized dashboard for revealing
  4. Deploy in all end-focuses devices
  5. Continuous movement following of insiders
  6. Employee observing in all aspects
  7. Prior alerts about information leakage
  8. Complete Cyber Security Analysis Tool
  9. Complete Cyber Security Analysis Tool

Benefits of Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool

  • Incorporate by industries to trace out vulnerabilities in Network, Insider threats, and Malicious applications
  • Monitor unproductive activities of employees like web file uploads, unauthorized storage drive usage, pornographic access, sensitive internet searches, social networking usage
  • Provide high level of data security with advanced policy-based endpoint protection
  • Facilitate real-time analysis of current attacks that threaten assets of an organization
  • Collect all malicious alerts traced in a network and provided to the business owner
  • Incorporated in all kind of devices – Desktop, Printers, Android devices, Emails, Laptop
  • Transparency on employee’s productivity to help HR for their work assessment
  • Complete controlled environment on Operational, Compliance & Productivity
  • Prior warnings related to data loss via. Notifications, alerts, SMS, and emails
  • Create comprehensive reporting of internal attacker’s intent on a centralized dashboard
  • Find out all vulnerabilities and leak points an attacker can get access to business-critical information
  • Intelligently analyze the information flow within and outside the company to prevent potential security threats
  • Constant feed by determining common indicators of compromise & recommend measures to prevent attacks

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