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Key Benefits of Data Exfiltration Detection in Cyber Security

  • Implementation of strong control polices help to minimize malware or unauthorized application to stealing restricted data from network system.
  • Proactively send alerts related to data exfiltration across the network over the mail or SMS
  • Facilitate proper steps to mitigate damage in case of internal attack in organization
  • Able to trace out hidden Advanced Persistent Threats across the network
  • Maximum transparency of data flow within the network to prevent data exfiltration
  • Eliminate any chance of data theft when the secondary storage device like USB is lost
  • Incorporate sandbox in all external devices that helps to maintain all crucial information.
  • Prohibit the use of Tor browser with tunnel within the company network which is not determined by UTM level.
  • Data Exfiltration Intelligence tool can be deployed on – Desktop, Laptop, Android Mobile, Printers, Emails

Secure Your Information using Data Exfiltration Intelligence

Data Exfiltration falls into the security breach category. It also has multiple names– Data exfil, Data leakage, Data extrusion, Data exportation, Data theft. It is a malicious activity where the individual’s or organization’s valuable data is copied, retrieved, or transferred from a computer or server illegally.

To stop gaining access to protected networks, a strong solution as a defense is required. The BsoftIndia Data Exfiltration Detection software is the perfect solution to keep away unauthorized persons (insiders, cybercriminals, or hackers) from stealing sensitive data such as Trade secrets, Intellectual property, financial information, or employee’s PII without affecting productivity & performance.

  1. In-depth analyses of networks
  2. Prevent stealing of restricted data
  3. Protect sensitive data from unauthorized user
  4. Do not impact Productivity & Performance
  5. Stop data-stealing from USB drive
  6. Transparency of data movement
  7. Live screenshot of employee’s screen
  8. Monitoring of employee behavior & activities

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