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Get Visibility of Your Team Work - In-Office or Remote

A user activity monitoring software becomes an integral part of an organization to improve workforce productivity, especially remote workforce. Using this, the businesses understand how their staff work, use their devices, and how they deal with sensitive information.

Employee Monitoring Software by BsoftIndia is the best solution for this. It is a cloud-based employee activity tracking tool and reports what employees are doing in the business working hours. It easily monitors employees who are working from home or those who stay away from business network. It provides contextual information that empowers organization to be more secure, compliant, and productive.

Features of User-Activity Monitoring Tool:-

  1. Record everything your employees do
  2. Show how much staff is working
  3. Track where employees spend their time
  4. Setup who & what will be monitored
  5. Centralized dashboard for analyses
  6. Remote or Home worker monitoring
  7. Snapshot of employee’s screen
  8. Check whether an employee is stealing data

Employee Monitoring Shows You Critical Insights


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