Monitoring Exiting Employees

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Benefits to Track Employee on Notice Period

  • Effortlessly dissect exercises of a representative who is serving notice period
  • Track in the case of leaving worker is moving organization information to an unapproved person
  • Keep an eye on how leaving representatives are contributing their time on workplace
  • Facilitate far off lockdown on representative's PC to forestall information theft
  • Visibility to representative's past exercises after acquiescence to follow any information breach
  • Screen checking of representative's who is on notice period to protect information leakage
  • Gives you more control on security by sending device on numerous sorts of devices
  • Find out the terminated worker spills business-basic data to competitors
  • Proactively screen how long leaving worker investing energy at work
  • Helps supervisors to quit sitting around idly on management & put time in different exercises
  • Real-time notices while leaving worker is doing dubious activity
  • Identify the decrease in work efficiency & work hours during worker's notification period

Protect Your Data With Top Monitoring Exiting Employees

There are bunches of interesting points when somebody leaves or terminated from the activity. As a business, it turns into an obligation to intently check the representative movement during its notification period. It may be conceivable that the organization has terminated a representative and purposely he/she releases the information to a contender for the revenge.

Use BsoftIndia Monitoring Exiting Employees Tool to follow worker exercises who is serving its notification period or follow past exercises of a representative who is terminated by the organization to forestall potential information misfortune. A business who sends this arrangement can gauge efficiency, work viability, guarantee security and tally the hours they really worked of a leaving employee.

  1. Live screen capture of framework to screen work
  2. Real-time alert in the event of dubious activity
  3. Check whether workers are relaxing or not
  4. Trace how leaving worker contribute their time
  5. Gives more control on information spill & information theft
  6. Find decline in efficiency of leaving employee

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