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Protect Business from Insider Threats and Cyber Security Risks

Endpoint assurance or endpoint security is an area that forestalls PC networks that are distantly associated with customer gadgets. The relationship of PCs, tablets, cell phones, different remote gadgets to association networks opens the way for aggressors to harm the security.

To defend business-basic data from being undermined, there is a requirement for a solid Endpoint security arrangement named as BsoftIndia inDefend that guarantee gadgets ought to have characterized edges of consistence to standards.

The instrument is conceived to have all the highlights that require for the business endpoint security. It encourages you oversee the workers and delicate data to keep your organization from any security assault. inDefend consolidated the accompanying modules for exhaustive endpoint security.

  1. Data Leak Prevention
  2. Insider Threat Management System
  3. Intellectual Property Theft
  4. Employee Monitoring
  5. Workplace Productivity
  6. Employee Behavior Investigations
  7. Tracking Executive Positions
  8. Monitoring Exiting Employees
  9. Data Exfiltration Intelligence
  10. Corporate Cyber Intelligence

Benefits of inDefend Endpoint Security Management Software

  • Trace out and block unpretentious security assaults on the business network.
  • Incorporated in all gadgets like work areas, PCs, mobiles, cloud messages, printers.
  • Monitors odd conduct of representatives on the working environment
  • Facilitate security of secret information from being undermined by insiders
  • Proactive checking of all endpoint gadgets to forestall information leakage
  • Closely screens specialist exercises through various channels
  • Track work exercises of your representatives to improve business efficiency
  • Helps to keep up records of representatives who are profitable during work hours
  • Scanning of active and approaching messages sent through. O365, G Suite, Exchange Server
  • Suspicious messages can be impeded or isolated to forestall unapproved access
  • Data encryption procedure compelled to forestall information penetrate during information transition
  • Content investigation & observing of all print demands submitted to Secure Printer Gateway
  • Centralized Management dashboard for proficient management
  • Real-time episodes revealing through. Email alarms & SMS alerts
  • Incorporate solid strategies to control and oversee information robbery or leakage
  • Improvise arrangements to alleviate security hazards that recognized by inDefend

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